TeleTango is a licensable Second Screen and Social TV platform that can be customized and branded for a media broadcaster, a production house or a TV operator.

The platform has the following components:

  • Mobile app for Android, iPhone, iPad and web
  • Cloud based backend to host Electronics Program Guides, program data, Second screen content, user data, social network and gamification engine
  • Second screen content creation and publishing tool for broadcasters (Patent pending)
  • In-Sync digital and gamified Ad creation and broadcasting tool (Patent pending)

TeleTango has the following user features:

1. Social TV Network: With TeleTango user can find out where her friends are, see the buzz around a TV program and join the program along with her buddies. This is also a one-stop shop for all social feed from Facebook and Twitter presented together.

2. TV Companion : TeleTango hosts the TV program guides. The Viewers can find the program schedules, cover page and synopsis all at their finger tips. They can enter the program and explore more from there with a single tap.

3. Interactive Second screen: TeleTango transform TV viewing from a one-way consumption channel to a multi-way interaction media. The user can interact and play games with the programs that they see in TV, explore and discover more, vote, express opinion and may even be able to chat with the program director or the hero in real time


Vastu Scorer

Vastu Scorer is an amazingly simple yet profound app that allows you to evaluate the Vastu compliance of the house on a scale of 100.

Vastu Scorer can be used for evaluating the compliance of:

  • Your house
  • a house you are planning to buy
  • a plan of a house you are planning to build

Disclaimer: Please Note that these scores are only for a basic evaluation. For accurate Vastu analysis, each house has to be examined by a Vastu specialist.

Vastu Scorer

My Life Today

MyLifeToday is a simple and beautiful app that gives you a window to your digital life today, as it happens.

As you wake up, or as you get time to see whats waiting for you in the digital social life, you can

  • See unread Facebook posts, like and comment
  • See tweets waiting for you and retweet or post your own
  • See unread emails
  • See news happening around you, your city and country
  • See whose birthdays are coming up, wish or buy gifts for them
  • See what events are waiting for you on your calendar

My Life Today